DE vs Skaven (eng.)

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DE vs Skaven (eng.)

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Taki tam mój grafomański wybryk :)

... Not only did the Dark Elves refused to pay the agreed-upon amount of warpstone, in exchange for the high elf slaves that Seer Squeek delivered, but the pointy-eared noble stepped on the rat-mage’s tail while storming off to his camp – no accident, for sure, but a deliberate insult! This could not go unpunished! The children of the Horned Rat would get their due one way or the other. With this thought in mind, Squeek gave the order to rouse his mob and prepare for battle.
Not long after, hordes of starving slaves, bolstered by a mutated monstrosity and various amalgams of science and sorcery, so typical for the vile rat-men stood poised for battle, while the horde’s master, along with the largest body of skaven warriors, hid behind a nearby hilltop. On the opposing side of the battlefield, disciplined ranks of Dark Elf corsairs stood arrayed next to a covenant of sorcerers, swift riders on dark steeds, and a pair of war hydras, with the sky darkened by wings of harpies and two pegasi, bearing elven nobles.
The elves reputation for expert marksmanship was well known to Seer Squeek, prompting him to direct the flow of the battle from behind a hill - the prudent choice any wise leader would make – he mused. Consequently the slaves were swiftly goaded into forming a barricade of flesh in front of the rat-mage’s horde, while the accompanying Skryre engines unleashed a barrage of shells and eldritch blasts on the approaching army.
A skaven war-engine, spewing bolts of lightning was send forth, careening wildly towards the hydras, but the bolts bounced harmlessly off of their thick scales while a charge from a Pegasus-mounted Elven Lord stopped the contraption in its tracks, as the rider impaled the engine’s crewman on his lance in one swift swoop. The hydra, now free to roam over the battlefield, unleashed a gout of flame from all its snake-like heads, turning a mob of slaves into a smoldering heap of rat flesh.
A lucky hit from a poison mortar took out almost half of the Elven infantry before a stray shell landed on top of the crew, killing them instantly. A sorcerous bolt fired from one of the cannons accompanying the Skaven mob left a gaping wound in one of the approaching hydras, which was promptly dragged down by throngs of wretched rat-slaves.
The Dark Elves responded in kind, with salvos from their reaper bolt throwers and dark riders taking potshots at targets of opportunity, while harassing the approaching horde. Harpies were also dispatched to silence the Skaven artillery. But just as the crewmen were re-loading the bolt throwers after the first salvo, Skaven infiltrators sprung their ambush and a storm of poison-laced sling bullets made short work of them. The harpies swooping down to handle the Skaven artillery were plucked from the air, one by one, by a Hellpit-spawned rat-monster, writhing its way from a rock crevice.
A Supreme Sorceress of the Sisterhood of the Dark Covenent attempted to shift the tide of battle in favor of the Dark Elves, but the fickle winds of magic and the grey seer’s counterspells prevented her from doing any damage. While the two mage lords were locked in an arcane duel of sorts, one of the Warlock Engineers accompanying the Skaven mob as part of a Skryre detachment, unleashed an eldritch bolt of black-green lightning, frying the last remaining hydra to a crisp.
Seeing the tide of the battle shift against them, the Pegasus Riders made a last-ditch attempt to exact revenge before slipping away, by charging head on into the maw of the abominable Skaven monster rampaging over the battlefield, hoping to kill it outright before the rat-man horde would be able to intervene, but for each limb cut off by the master swordsmen another sprung forth from the creature’s slimy underbelly. Seeing no hope for a swift resolution, with the remainder of the rat-man army bearing down on them, the Elves withdrew. As their dark steeds carried them off into the setting sun, the Druichii lords vowed revenge on the rat-things, while, in the Skaven camp, Grey Seer Squeek vowed revenge on his incompetent underlings for letting the pointy-ears escape.

Nie stawiłem sobie za cel dokładnego odwzorowania przebiegu bitwy – bardziej chciałem zbudować jakąś ciekawą narrację. A tak w skrócie – graliśmy ETC, było 11-9 dla Skavenów, generalnie całą grę z kości nic nikomu nie wychodziło :) (np. Ze 2 porządne fazy magii na 12 total).

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tak było! :)
We can't stop here. This is bat country.