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Regimental Units (RU) & Detachments (D.):
- D. cannot be taken without RU
- D. size: up of 5 to a max. of half the number of models in the RU
- D. can purchase any equipment upgrades listed in their army list entries, but they may not include Command group
- points cost of a D., and any upgrades it has taken, counts towards the points total of the same category as the RU they are purchased with.
- Only units with RU special rule can have D.
- Only units with D. special rule can be detachments
- as long as the RU is not fleeing, their D. that have at least one model within 3" use the RU Leadership, unless it would otherwise be higher
- If RU has any of the special rules listed below, they confer the same special rule onto alll of their D. whilst they have at least one model within 3"; s.rules: FRENZY, HATRED, HOLD THE LINE, IMMUNE TO PSYCHOLOGY, STUBBORN, STEADFAST, STUPIDITY

Detachments special rules:
- D. must be deployed at the same time as RU with at least one model from the D. within 3'
- D. always arrives into battle in the same time as RU
- Support fire & counter charge imediately when RU declares stand & shoot or hold (but not flee) reaction; but only when D. is within 3" from RU.
- Support fire (only shooting D.), immediately as Stand & shoot reaction
- Counter charge (all D.); if it declares it, D. immediately makes move resolved out of sequence after oponents move all charging units; enemy does not get to make charge reactions against counter charge


Mechanical steed (MS): -Unreliable; roll d6 for each MS at the start of each of your Movement phases. on 2-6 MS is unafected, on 1 the MS movement characteristic is reduced by d3 to a minimum of 1.

Full plate armour: 4+ armour save combinet with other as normal

Hold the line! (General & Captain): unit including General or Captain rolls 3d6 uses two lowest score for Break Tests

Imperial Griffon:
Bloodroar: enemy unit rolls additional d6 discarding the lowest for Fear & Terror tests
Two Heads: additional atack with +1 to Hit against models with Large Target rule

Iron-hard Hooves: re-rolls failed To Wound rolls when making a Stomp
Swift as the Wind: re-rolls '1 when charging unless joining a unit

Master Engineers:
Master of Ballistics: if not fleeing, within 3", one war machine can re-roll one artillery dice (but not for a bounce); you must nominate which war machine will used this; if used M.Engineer cannot fire his own weapon;
Stand Back, Sir! : Look out sir rule just like for unit & lone character, the hit is instead resolved against the nearest friendly war machine

Warrior Priest
Divine Power: channel power & dispell dice just like wizards
Righteous Fury: WP and any unit he is in has Hatred rule but not the mounts & characters
Battle Prayers: augment spells, casts just like bound spells (Power level 3) with innate ability rule; any Regimental Unit, any of its Detachments within 3" are also targeted by the spell

With Hunter
Accusation: after deployment, before first turn, nominate a single model of opponent; WH has reroll to hit , killing blow and sniper special rule against this;
Grim Resolve: WH automatically passes Fear test (but not unit); WH and unit he is with threat Terror opponents like Fear causing
Tools of Judgement: when atacking Wizard or models with Undead, Nehekharan Undead or Deamonic special rule WH can re-rolls failed rolls To Wound.

The end is nigh!: in base contact with enemy, at the start of CC phase, F. imediately suffers d6 S3 hits; this do not count towards combat resolution. If one model is removed, unit gains special rules listed below until the end current phase: 1- re-rolls To Hit, 2-3 - re-rolls To Hit and To Wound, 4+ - +1Toughness, & re-rolls To Hit and To Wound

Grand Mater:
Master of Battle: unit of Knightly Orders or Demigryph Knights joined by GM gains Immune to Psychology, lost immediately if GM leaves or die.

War Altar:
Holy Fervour: all friendly empire units within 6" has Hatred even mounts but not characters (zgodnie z erratą do AB Empire ze strony GW, bohaterowie również dostają hatred)
The Power of Sigmar: all Battle Prayers cast by Arch Lector mounted on WA affects friendly units within 6"
Golden Griffon: Enchanted Item, Innate Bound spell, Power Level 4. Arch Lector can cast Banishment (lore of light)
Horn of Sigismund: Enchanted item, WA has Terror

Steam Tank:
Steel Behemoth:
Steam Points:
Steam Engine:
Steam Gun:
Steam Cannon:

Luminark of Hysh
Aura of Protection:
Locus of Hysh
Solheim's Bolt of Illumination:

Celestial Hurricanum:
Locus of Azyr:
Portents of Battle:
Storm of Shemtek:

"(...)Imperium raz zaatakowane, zawsze kontratakuje(...)"
Kajus C+, Misja Kleopatra

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