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== below is a statement from Team Poland regarding ETC2022 ==
== link to post: http://etc.xobor.com/t1038184f3-Referees-3.html#msg6715 ==

Fellow players and community members.

What happened this year at the T9A ETC is an absolute embarrassment of values that guided the organization of the first events of this type.

From fair competition to select the best team to play the hobby game, ETC turned into a festival of embarrassment and scandals, distorted morals and absolute disrespect for other people.

== Poland vs Spain ==

Some said that the first round, between Poland and Spain, would be a kind of a small final. In the end, the battles went smoothly for the most part, except for the Furion vs. Turtle, in which there was an absolutely unacceptable situation on the part of the Spanish VC player.

At the very end of the game, when it was obvious that the Polish HBE would win the battle high, the Spanish player, having almost nothing to move, no mages, no general, decided to use his remaining 16 minutes of time staring at the ceiling. Polish HBE had only 53 seconds left on the clock. Turtle was so insolent that he even decided to ask the judge (Śliwek) about it, who for unknown reasons gave his consent to such proceedings.

If that's not the definition of stalling to keep him from losing higher, then what is?

For this reason alone, the battle was not completed. It was an obvious abuse designed to force Furion to break the rules for finishing battles.

== Judges calls and penalties ==

After the end of the last battle, the Polish team sent its captain to the suddenly called captains' meeting. The rest of the team waited in the stands calmly packing the models. At that time, there was already a witch hunt going on in which Poland was not given the opportunity to defend itself, present facts and evidence. Despite the presence of the Polish captain and willingness to clarify the matter.

4 penalty points were awarded to Furion for a battle with Italy that was not completed as the referee decided to force the players to only play 4 turns. Circa an hour and a half before time-out, Furion reported his opponent's stalling, and from that point on, the referee was present at the table and confirmed Furion's version.

Eventually, despite the time to enter the result expired, the judge ordered "just play", so the players finished the battle after time. Later, they both received 8 penalty points, which were however withdrawn because the referee admitted that he ordered them to play late and end the game in the 4th round. These 4 points should be remembered and then added at the last minute, at the time of the award ceremony, which is a scandal in itself, especially since they were awarded wrongly. Later on, the judges admitted that stalling was present on that table, by changing the score by +2/-2.

3 penalty points for Ever’s yellow card - probably there were some more situations like this at the tournament, but the only one for which both players received cards was also unequal to each other. The Tauruk unit was chaffed again in the same game. Chaff was marked, but hung "with one foot" in the air because he had another marker underneath. In the next turn, there was an idea to charge out with the hero from the chaffed unit. During his magic phasethe polish player leaned up the marked chaff to get the marker out from under it and set the unit back correctly, then in his charge phase the ID player started arguing that the chaff was illegally touched. After a few sentences of verbal dispute over the previous chaffing agreement, the referee (Galax) was called, who, according to the word-against-word procedure, judged the game as if on the table, the chaff was correctly positioned and also chaffed the hero. The battle continued without anymore problems. After the battle, the ID player reported to the judges with an alleged eyewitness who confirmed that the models had been moved despite being marked. Judges Galax and Śliwek decided to give WDG a yellow card (-3 DP) and the Danish player a green card.

This situation is extremely strange, since one player was found guilty by the judges, why did the other player also receive a card? Additionally, the change of the judge's decision after the fact, when an eyewitness was suddenly found, sounds absolutely suspicious. The eyewitnesses should have been called asap. The Danish player should be either penalized equally (in case for penalizing for the disagreement), or not penalized at all (cause just reporting).

5 penalty points for Ever for using his phone - This fragment is an absolute embarrassment of the judges and at the same time a total shame on the Spaniards. On the pictures provided as evidence there is a logo of his local club chat clearly visible. There is no one related to ETC Team Poland in this chat, but instead one of the judges was in this chat and saw what was posted by Ever, but refused to confirm it. In addition to this photo, the Spanish also reported photos of Wojciech and Goboss, who have open reports on FB on their phones (not even messenger) and Rince smoking a cigarette outside using his phone. So there was no breach of any point of the regulations, there was no communication inside the team, the judges decided not to check it and give -5 penalty for using the phone, despite the fact that Ever wanted to have the entire phone available for inspection at once, as 2 judges spoke Polish.

However, if the judges were to decide to blame, the penalty for this should be another yellow card, which would result in a red card and the cancellation of the Polish player's results. The judges did not feel convinced enough to make such a decision, so they decided to award an inadequate number of penalty points in advance to crowd control and calm down the rant.

Such behavior is of course absolutely contrary to the rules of refereeing, the player can’t be guilty just a little or punished a little, this is a strange and unfair behavior caused by the events described in the next paragraph.

When looking for the reason for such absurd and unfair behavior of judges, one can only come to one conclusion.

== Team Spain - peak of unsportsmanlike behavior ==

It is not the first time that the Spanish team is attacking the teams that are higher in the tournament table after round 6. Insufficient skills prevented the Spanish team from achieving victory in a civilized way. So they decided to use absolutely bizarre methods, going far beyond the limits of good taste and respect.

Let's summarize the facts, the Spanish team consisted of 8 players and the same number of coaches. In total, this gives 16 people, half of which were delegated to look for hooks, initiate fights, discuss with judges but also immoral data collection on deployments or ultimately taking pictures from hiding like some kind of a twisted paparazzi.

Ultimately, when it turned out that the victory at the tables was beyond the reach of the Spanish team during the last match, they started a witch hunt, using all possible rules of procedure, collecting captains' signatures, in order to put pressure on the referees and destroy their opponents, in this case the Polish team.

They led to a situation in which several dozen adult guys occupied a table with three judges for over 2 hours after the last bell. Remember that two of the judges attended such an event for the first time. This kind of turmoil and pressure on judges ultimately resulted in paralysis and the inability to make an honest and factual decision. The intimidated judges, in order to calm the moods and the pressing crowd, acted instinctively and gave the Spaniards what they expected, just to leave them alone.

The very first vote that Team Spain submitted was to restore the 8 penalty points for Team Poland & Team Italy for submitting the score 8 minutes after the deadline by Furion and Peppe. The judges team has very shortly described the situation to the captains, claiming that the penalty was cleaned due to the judge's mistake, that was admitted by himself and explained to both teams. After Groefte summarized that move as taking the power from judges and transforming it to a beauty contest, the captains have refused to take on the judges work and responsibility.

When that failed, Fetor Team Spain put a phone on a table claiming they have hundreds of photos proving unsportsmanship coming from Team Poland. Aftermath there were just a few photos, therefore we suspect that the 8 coaches have taken photos of every team who was fighting for the podium. That’s supposedly why Feytor told in emotions, that he has “hundreds of photos”, not a few.

We know that we are not the only ones who consider this behavior of the Spanish as fight initiators to be wrong. It was also expressed by the captains who spoke separately and eventually democratically decided to hand over the decision to the judges.

== Blaming Furion for witch hunt against Poland ==

Any attempt to justify the pressure on the Polish team by the presence of Furion is simply wrong and morally disgusting. There are 10 other people on the team who have worked hard to achieve success and they do not agree to stigmatize their team and their mates just for the sake of the old days and personal hate against Furion.

Especially this year, there were 3 people who played ETC for the first time in their lives, unknown to most of the community. Among others, Ever, against whom ruthless methods were applied, only to plunge the Polish team. It's not about Furion, the Spanish would attack anyone who would stand in their way. It is very convenient to explain your lopsided morality with just the presence of one player and we say it’s very wrong.

Final conclusions
We would like to ask everyone, is this the event we want?
Is this the way we want to select the winners?
Where will we draw the line?
This unsportsmanship behavior below the tables has to stop, it is this close from getting personal. Stalking, hidden photos, getting personal details out will become a thing in this hobby based event and everyone will suffer from it, not only top teams.
Don’t let those small groups of try-hards take over it!
We as Team Poland are feeling as the winners of this year's ETC and nothing will change it.
Although we are the first to underline that this event is not a popularity contest, HUGE thank you for all the reasonable teams and captains that supported our case and only want to play fair and square games without all of this politics. Also thank you to everybody that has reached out to express compassion and their view of the situation. Thanks to Sueko, who was the only Spanish player to come to us explaining his point of view.

Team Spain, be ashamed of your attitude! You were shameless enough to change T-shirts with the Polish team, after the first day. We ask you to never wear them, as changing shirts, in our eyes, is a sign of admitting the match was fair and square, and showing respect to the opponent. And we have respect for you no more.

We are patiently waiting for Judges to read this and confirm or deny our thoughts and take appropriate steps, including changing the results.

Team Poland
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