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 Tytuł: Fluff z Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos odcyfrowany
PostNapisane: 4 lut 2011, o 15:17 
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Pamiętacie, że na zdjęciach z games daya, gdzie pokazano figsy chaos dwarfów, była fota jednej ze stron z książki Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos ? :wink:
Otóż ową stronę odcyfrował jeden z użytkowników CDO - Grimstonefire :mrgreen:
Grimstonfire na CDO napisał(a):
I spent some time the other day trying to decypher what that photo of the tamurkhan book said.
A lot of this the words were just small barely legible pixels, but most of it I think is pretty much correct. I left gaps where I couldn't read it at all or even guess.

Trochę fluffu rzucającego światło na rolę dawi zharr w nadchodzącym konflikcie. Z resztą oceńcie sami:

Chapter Six: The Battle for Zharr.

For several days the legion of Tamurkhan marched over the outlands of Zharrdrakh the grim domain of the Dwarfs of Zharr. Dolgan scouts rode to the south as far as the Vale of Woe. At the same time, wagons baggage and shambling creatures from the highlands slowly made passages …. The Chieftans of the Dolgan were already well acquainted with the Lords of Hashut, whose mastery of iron was famous throughout all the northlands. Indeed, the great city of Zharr Naggrund was justly called the Armoury of Chaos. From it’s forges and weapon shops poured arms and armour in unimaginable quantities. … of unparalleled workmanship were struck upon the anvils of the Chaos Dwarfs. Magical blades were forged from warp-stone and tempered in the blood of kings. Nearly half of the war-gear borne by Tamurkhan’s army – and practically all that of any quality – had it’s origin in the city of Zharr Naggrund.

For this reason he had come to the lands of the Lords of Hashut to arm his growing horde afresh. He would bend the Lords of Hashut to his will. He would force them to work their secrets for him alone. For Tamurkhan knew that many armies had ridden westward only to fall before the towering walls and fire-breathing cannons of men. In the land of Zharr he would find the means to destroy the impregnable cities of the west. But first he must subdue the Dwarfs of Chaos. Subdue, but not destroy.

Lord Darcazharr drew up his army upon the plains of Zharr in the shadow of a great mine called Gholakha. The land thereabouts was pitted with deep excavations, some flooded, and in many places the ground was marshy or else dotted with lakes of filthy reddish water. All around the mine were piles of spoil of such size that they formed conical hills upon an otherwise flat plain. The army took position with a broad red lake upon it’s left flank. Lord Darcazharr knew that all the land around the lake was dangerous and marshy – a patchwork of mines and flooded pits that made the region practically impassable. Upon the army’s right flank lay a series of fresh spoil heaps – black and glistening in the rain that had begun to fall at dawn. Although they looked solid they too were impassable, as any attempt to scale them would result in a landslide of loose rubble. A small band of hobgoblins had been sent to the tallest heap in order to spy over the land. Though they climbed as slowly and carefully as they were able, they were all engulfed before half way up the side of the mound. The loss of a few hobgoblins was of no account. Their sacrifice had established that no army could attack over the black hills.

Lord Darcazharr directed his charioteer to begin the survey of the army. With a crack of his barbed lash the chariot’s driver urged the brace of Taurus’s along the … As Lord Darcazharr passed each warrior in turn he raised his head in satisfaction and the warriors roared their approval, beating their weapons on their shields and chanting over and over the name of Hashut, the great god of the Dwarfs of Zharr. Lord Darcazharr surveyed his army with pride, though what hope he had of victory had been dispelled when he set eyes upon the chaos horde. He was outnumbered many times over(?) Amongst his enemy’s number he spied towering giants, brutal ogres and creatures of immense size pulling war engines like mighty fortresses.

This was war of a kind unparallel in the lands of Zharr where… Yet even in the face of certain defeat Lord Darcazharr was immoveable for he was of a race prouder(?) and more stubborn than any on earth. Though death and destruction were inevitable he would not disgrace the memory of the Dwarfs of Zharr nor sell cheaply the legacy of Hashut. Of that at least he was certain.

The first regiments he passed stood(?) beside the red lake, and here he placed some of his most reliable troops. These were haughty(?) Dwarfs drawn from his own household, armed with great spiked balls and strong shields studded with runes of power. Some amongst them carried huge …with whirring brass… These marksmen(?) were .. even amongst their own kind. The weapons they bore were masterpieces of the … and engraved with .. runes and studded with gemstones. Next to this body of warriors were the hobgoblin legion – thousands strong – yet what they gained in strength of numbers Darcazharr knew they lost many times over as …. He would not mourn their deaths, but … he would have to rely upon such faithless warriors – for they made up by far the greater part of his host, whether he liked it or not. The Taurus snorted as they spied quivering ranks of Greenskins armed with a motley assortment of spears, hammers, axes and crude bladed … He saw bows and quivers of black fletched arrows, but Darcazharr doubted if their bearers would be capable of hitting much with them. He waved … as he urged his driver… The hobgoblins cheered wildly and seemed to recoil from the speeding chariot – the first rank stepping backwards into the second so that all fell into a muddle of confusion.

The hobgoblin legion lay next to the army’s centre and here Lord Darcazharr had gathered the most powerful of his forces. Here were … dwarfs , grizzled veterans from the Sentinels of Zharr and the retainers of all the great houses of Zharr Naggrund together with their leaders and masters.

Tutaj link do oryginalnego posta

i jeszcze oryginalny oryginał 8)

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 Tytuł: Re: Fluff z Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos odcyfrowany
PostNapisane: 4 lut 2011, o 15:30 
Chuck Norris
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Zharr Naggrund zbrojownią chaosu, a mimo to ich atakują chaośnicy.
Czegoś tu nie kumam. Ale knige se kupię.

Infernal Puppet napisał(a):
Skavenom udaje się 100%, nieudane projekty to sabotaże konkurencji więc się nie liczą :wink: .

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 Tytuł: Re: Fluff z Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos odcyfrowany
PostNapisane: 6 lut 2011, o 08:46 
Chuck Norris
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Powodów można znaleźć sporo, ot choćby:
a. Lepiej dostać sprzęt za darmo.
b. Chaos to chaos, nie można wymagać od nich racjonalnego myślenia.

Given the choice, whether to rule a corrupten, failing empire or to chalange the fate through another throw, a better throw against one's desteny, what wos a king to do?

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 Tytuł: Re: Fluff z Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos odcyfrowany
PostNapisane: 6 lut 2011, o 10:06 
"Nie jestem powergamerem"
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że mu sie chciało :wink: =D>

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